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Parking and vehicles

Parking at home

You must not have any more than three vehicles parked within the boundary of your property and they must be on a hardstanding surface. Please contact us for permission if you need to park more than three vehicles within your boundary.

Car parking on some of our housing estates may be limited, so please park considerately. You must only park your car on the public highway, within the boundary of your property or a garage. Unless stated in your tenancy agreement, parking spaces are not allocated to an individual property or resident. Please do not park on grass verges, open spaces, garage forecourts and do not block access routes for emergency vehicles.

You may be able to construct a hardstanding surface within the boundary of your property, but you must get our permission first. You can apply for a dropped kerb (opens new window) or access across a pavement from Lincolnshire County Council. We will inform Lincolnshire County Council if you are driving over pavement without a dropped kerb to access your property.

You must not keep mopeds or motorbikes in the property or indoor communal areas.

Commercial vehicles and lorries

Tenants are not permitted to park commercial or trade vehicles of 3.5 tonnes and above on our housing estates or the property boundary without our written permission.

Caravans, boats and trailers

You will need our permission to keep a caravan, campervan, food truck, boat or trailer at the property or on the estate. You will be breaching your tenancy agreement if your vehicles regularly cause an obstruction or create other parking difficulties.

Repairing a vehicle at home

You may carry out minor repairs such as changing a tyre or replacing the battery to your car in your property boundary. You must ensure this does not cause a nuisance to your neighbours. You must not dismantle or carry out major repairs to vehicles. Tenants are not permitted to run a car repair business from our estates.

Abandoned and untaxed vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are an eyesore on our housing estates and can present a very real risk of harm. You are not allowed to leave illegal, untaxed or un-roadworthy vehicles on the property or on the estate unless you have permission to do so.

We will make investigations to determine who the registered keeper is and will make contact to discuss arrangements for the vehicles to be removed. If we make arrangements to remove and dispose of any abandoned vehicles we will charge the registered keeper for any costs incurred.

You are required by law to either tax or obtain a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for a vehicle temporarily 'off the road' and untaxed. It is against the law to keep an untaxed vehicle or one with a SORN on the public highway.

Please inform your housing officer if you have a SORN on your vehicle. Further advice regarding SORN can be found on the DVLA website (opens new window)

You can report an abandoned vehicle online (opens new window). We won't disclose the source of the complaint when investigating the matter.

Garages and garage plots

We have garages available to rent and rent is due weekly. For information on locations of our garages please contact us.

If you wish to rent a garage/plot, please speak to a member of the Allocations Team. Depending on demand you may have to wait until a garage becomes available. Garages should be used for the storage of a motor vehicle only and not for any other purpose. Combustible or harmful materials must not be kept in the garage.

We will serve notice and take possession if you fall into arrears.