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Running a business from home

As a council tenant, you must request our permission to run a business from your home. We'll need full details about the nature of the business and the hours you'll work. We'll consider your request carefully and assess any impact it may have on your neighbours. 

As long as your business is not illegal or likely to cause disruption to your neighbours, we will consider any application carefully. As a landlord, we will review all home-run business requests and will likely give permission unless running a business from your home:

  • is likely to cause a nuisance to neighbours or damage to the property
  • would require major adaptations to the property
  • hasn't satisfied the requirements of other relevant agencies, for example planning permission. Advice and application forms are available from our planning pages.

Whilst there are some businesses that are unsuitable to be run from home, we are keen to ensure that we do all we can to support our residents.

Please apply online to request permission to run a business from your rented home or contact us to discuss this further.

Unsuitable home-run businesses

Permission is unlikely to be granted for some business operating from home, such as:

  • car, van or motorbike repairs
  • anything involving heavy or noisy machinery
  • something that would attract a large number of visitors to the property
  • something that'd require stocking flammable products, for example, gas canisters, white spirits, petrol etc
  • something involving numerous animals, birds or reptiles
  • something that'd need considerable storage space. Read more about storing items in council properties.