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Maintaining your home

Home improvements

You must keep your home clean, free from pests and in a reasonable condition.

If you want to make changes to your rented home, you can apply online to request permission to make improvements to your home.

You are responsible for decorating the interior of your home, but you must obtain our written permission before you install floor tiles, laminate/wooden flooring, or flooring of a similar nature. Permission will not be granted (unless in exceptional circumstances) to tenants living in flats and bed-sits. Contact us for more information. 

Other home maintenance items

You are responsible for providing your own cooker. You must use a qualified electrician to install an electric cooker and a Gas Safe registered gas engineer to install a gas cooker. You are also responsible for the maintenance of your cooker.

It is your responsibility to take steps to deal with condensation. Condensation occurs when warm air meets a cold surface. You can reduce the problems caused by condensation and dampness by following the advice below:

  • wipe down the windows and sills every morning
  • never block air bricks or vents in your walls, doors and windows
  • when taking a bath or shower provide ventilation by opening a window or make use of an extractor fan (if fitted) and keep the bathroom door closed
  • when cooking in the kitchen, keep the door closed and open a window for the steam to escape. If you have no windows, the extractor fan should be left to run for a while
  • ensure radiators are free from obstructions such as beds and other furniture
  • reduce the amount of moisture in the air by not drying clothes directly on radiators or storage heaters
  • if you have an extractor fan fitted, then please use it
  • to kill and remove mould, wipe down walls and window frames with a fungicidal wash that carries a Health and Safety Executive approval number.

Read further advice about damp and mould.