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Selling to the Council

The Procurement & Contracts service is provided by our external service provider, Public Sector Partnership Services Limited. Working together, we are dedicated to sourcing high quality contracts which offer good value for money for the Council.


The goods and services that we procure are hugely varied. They can range from basic office supplies, to a specialist consultancy requirement, or a large construction works contract. The pages listed below will give you an overview of our processes and information on how your business can get involved.


Where a purchase value is below £40,000 (except when it is part of a larger purchase or is one of a series of similar purchases), the individual department requiring the goods/services will usually seek informal quotation. This will be without involvement from the Procurement & Contracts team. The financial thresholds that the Council must follow can be viewed below. 


Should you have any questions, please contact the Procurement & Contracts team at