SHDC offer a wide range of services from Housing Options and Homelessness to providing Social Housing and Sheltered Housing. Below you will find information on all aspects of Housing in South Holland. Please select the appropriate link below:

Affordable Home Ownership

There are a range of affordable home ownership (low cost home ownership) initiatives available or in the pipeline across many locations in the district. These initiatives are aimed at people who are unable to buy on the open market.

Affordable Housing Development

This section will explore how affordable housing is delivered in the district and what future plans there are to deliver more affordable homes

Custom and Self-Build

Custom build is when people work with a specialist developer to deliver their home. Self-build is when people directly get involved in the design and construction of their home

Duty to Refer

SHDC duty to refer service users they believe to be homeless or threatened with homelessness

Dykes & Drainage

Dykes - Drains - Ditches all terms referring to artificial or minor watercourses. In the South Holland district, the majority of these were artificially created for land reclamation purposes a long time ago.

Garages and Garage Plots

We have both garages and garage plots to let, these are situated throughout the district of South Holland

Housing Options

Our Housing Options Team are able to offer advice on all housing problems, dependant on your situation.

Housing Privacy Notice

Tenancy and Leasehold Agreement Management- Privacy Notice - Your privacy is very important to South Holland District Council

Private Sector Housing

Our Private Sector Housing Team provides advice, inspection services and information in accordance with the Housing Act 2004

Social Housing

South Holland District Council owns and manages just under 4000 council homes

Understanding Housing Needs

To ensure that the right level of housing is developed in the right locations the Strategic Housing Team undertakes regular research

Welland Homes

Welland Homes works with local building companies, property developers and other organisations to acquire, develop and build high-quality homes within the district - which we offer for market rent.