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Housing Standards

If you are a private sector tenant or landlord, please see the latest Government advice during COVID-19.

Our Housing Standards team provide advice, services and information in accordance with the Housing Act 2004.  

Grants are available to citizens of South Holland to increase health and well-being and provide sustainable and suitable accommodation for vulnerable persons. All grants are discretionary and subject to approval and or suspension. It must be reasonable, practicable and cost effective to undertake the works.
Help and assistance outside the Council for residents in South Holland
A house in multiple occupation (HMO) is a property rented out by at least three people who are not from a single household.
The HHSRS is a risk-based evaluation tool, used to identify and protect against risks and hazards to health and safety of lived-in properties.
Advice and information for tenants and landlords of privately rented properties
Advice and information for tenants including damp and mould
Information about regulations regarding private rented properties and Energy Performance Certificates
Advice and information for site owners
Property inspections for entry visas to the UK
To complete repairs on an empty property in order to bring it back into use
Details of current Housing Standards policies and the regulations and legislation they are related to