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The Energy Bill Support Scheme - Alternative Fund

The Energy Bill Support Scheme - Alternative Fund is a Government Scheme to assist people with energy costs.

It is for people who have not benefitted from the £400 reduction in their electricity bills because their electricity is paid by a third party. 


Who qualifies?

The people who are expected to qualify will probably live in care homes, caravan parks or houses in multiple occupation and the electricity bill is paid by the landlord or site owner and the landlord or site owner has not received the £400 reduction, because the property is considered to be a business.


Who will not qualify?

People who live in a property where the £400 reduction in the electricity charge has already been made to the person paying the electricity bill.  If you are in this category, you should speak to the person who pays the bill and ask them to pass the benefit of it on to you.


How can I claim?

The scheme is being administered by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.  You will need to apply to them, though the application process does not begin until 27th February 2023 and you should not apply before this date.  You can apply from 27th February by clicking here.

To qualify you will need to make your application by 31st May 2023.


How will the application be processed?

The application will require your name and address and you will need to provide a bank account into which you wish the payment to be made.  The Government will check whether the electricity bill payer for the address has already received the £400 reduction and they will pass the details of any that have not had a reduction to the Council.  The Council will then check its records and computer systems to confirm the address of the applicant and when details are successfully verified will pay the £400 directly into the bank account provided.

The Council will make all payments to qualifying people by the scheme end date of 7th July 2023.


Who can I talk to about this?

The Government is providing a telephone line for enquiries, but you will not be able to call it until 27th February 2023.  From 27th February 2023 you can speak to an advisor on 0808 1753287.

Please do not phone or contact the Council about the scheme, as we will be unable to answer any questions.