Custom and Self-Build

Are you interested in building or designing your own home?

What is Custom and Self-build Housing?

Custom Build Housing is when people work with a specialist developer to deliver a home that is tailored to meet their requirements.

Self-build Housing is when people directly organise the design and construction of their home.

For those interested in Custom Build Housing, there are a number of options including:

  • Buying a serviced plot of land from a custom build developer, and then working with the developer's architect or their own to finalise the design. Under this approach, assistance and support is available from beginning to end.

  • Buying a serviced plot of land from a custom build developer with a range of potential building options. A buyer chooses their plot and then works with the Custom Build developer to tailor the layout of the home to their preference. The buyer decides the layout and the developer will build it.

  • Buying a serviced plot of land from a custom build developer and then choosing from a range of designs. The buyer works with the team of their choice to design the home and then the developer will build it to a fixed budget and timescale.

  • Buying from a mainstream house builder. Increasingly, a number of larger house builders are offering up a percentage of their new development sites for custom build. Buyers will be offered a choice of several house styles and internal layout options and then the home will be built to a fixed budget and timescale.

For those interested in Self Build Housing the approach is more 'hands-on' than Custom Build Housing. The options for Self-Build Housing range from buying your land either individually or with others interested in building their own home, through to commissioning a developer to build your home to your own design, or even getting involved in the construction of your home yourself.

What are the benefits of Custom and Self-build Housing?

One of the biggest advantages to choosing a custom or self-build project is that it gives you the choice and control to create a home that suits your lifestyle and is ready to adapt to changes in your circumstances in the future. Rather than relying on off-the-shelf options, you'll be in the best possible position to tackle areas such as making best use of your plot, maximising views and natural light, achieving greater levels of comfort and energy-efficiency.

Another advantage is that it's a cost-effective route to a good-quality home. As you won't be operating to a profit margin, you can expect to get more for your money than you would by buying an equivalent developer-built home.

By developing your own custom or self-build home you can choose exactly how involved you want to get with the process.

How can I register my interest in the scheme?

In response to the Government's drive to encourage more people to build their own home, those interested in Custom and Self-Build Housing are invited to sign up to a new Custom and Self- Build Register set up by South Holland District Council. The register will help the Council find out more about the demand for custom and self-build plots in the district, including the preferences that those interested in the scheme have in relation to plot location, plot size, budget and building approach. This information will assist the council in understanding how it can better help those interested in the scheme. Please note, however, that registration does not guarantee that a suitable plot will become available.

Before registering an interest it would be worth considering what is involved and how much custom and self-build could potentially cost. Build costs will vary depending on the specification that you want and can afford. For an estimate of costs there are a number of useful toolkits which can be found through a simple Internet search. To get an accurate build cost estimate you will need to have an idea of the following:

Custom/ self-build optionProperty type
Construction method (bricks, timber frame etc)Floor area in square meters/ square feet
Roof materials, external walls construction (stone, brick etc)Heating specification
Budget for renewable energy sourcesBudget for kitchen and bathroom
Garage requirementLength of fencing
Length of driveway 

If you're still interested please complete the questionnaire (accessed here Custom and Self-Build Registration) and providing you meet all of the eligibility criteria your details will be added to the South Holland Custom and Self-Build Register.

View the custom and self-build privacy notice.

How can I get more detailed information on the scheme?

Should you have any queries on Custom and Self-Build Housing, including how to register for the scheme, please contact the council's Strategic Housing team on 01775 761161 or email