Garages and garage plots

Anyone can apply for a garage or garage plot, although we do give priority to our council tenants. We will only let a garage to you if it's in the same area where you live. Our garages can't be used for storing household goods and belongings.

Garage and garage plot costs

Our garage and garage plot rental rates are:

  • garage rent for council tenants £6.45 per week
  • garage rent for non-council tenants £7.74 per week
  • garage plots rent £4.03 per calendar month

Apply for a garage

To apply for a garage or garage plot you will need to complete our Icon for pdf garage or garage plot application form [29.74KB].

Please note that many of our sites have a waiting list, but there are some that are available for let immediately. Please contact us on 01775 761161 for more information.