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Housing Advice and Homelessness

Apply online for our Housing Register

Our Housing Options Team are able to offer advice on housing problems including the following:

  • how to deal with mortgage or rent arrears.
  • harassment and illegal eviction.
  • loss of accommodation.
  • relationship breakdown including domestic abuse.
  • disrepair in rented accommodation.

Useful self help tools   

The following checkers help determine your tenure type and rights:  

The following links are guides to renting properties, for both landlords and tenants:

Services that may be useful are listed below: 

Advice on your housing options and rights

If you require advice about your options and rights, please register here and complete the "My Options" section of our housing portal to provide us with information about your housing situation.   

Important information:

  • It will take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete this form.
  • Please do not ring our Customer Services team in an attempt to avoid filling out this form - they will direct you back to the website.
  • After receiving your form, we will review the information and contact you within 28 days.  Please allow us the full 28 days to contact you - do not contact us during this time unless there has been a significant change of circumstances.
  • Whilst you are waiting for us to contact you, please try to resolve the situation by yourself.  See what steps you can take to stay where you are by speaking to your landlord/mortgage company/family and friends. If you cannot continue to stay where you are, use this time to look for new a property to move to - look on Rightmove, the local newspaper, Facebook etc. apply to join the Housing Register. You need to be realistic about the options available to you including considering all property types and locations suitable for your household.

Homelessness help

We can offer you advice if you are homeless now, or threatened with homelessness in the near future.  

Please proceed to our homelessness page for further information and advice.    

Find out how to join the South Holland Housing Register for social housing.
Our first priority is to help prevent people becoming homeless.