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Bonfires, rubbish and pests


You can burn waste in a metal incinerator, but bonfires are not permitted as stated in your tenancy agreement. Bonfires pose a fire safety risk and can cause distress to those exposed to it.

Household waste

You and any member of your household must not allow a build-up of personal property, rubbish or other items in the property or garden that:

  • causes or is likely to cause damage or deterioration to the property, or
  • poses a health or fire risk, or
  • prevents safe access to or exit from your property.

Visit our recycling, rubbish and garden waste pages for further information, including disposing of bulky items and collection days. We can provide assistance if you are disabled or elderly and have difficulty in putting your bins out for collection, please contact us for support.

Pest control

We offer a pest control service to treat pests if they are within the structure of your home. You can also contact us for advice on identifying and treating other household pests including fleas, flies, carpet beetles, larder beetles and cockroaches.

If you find a wasp nest or any other infestation in your property or in a communal area please contact us to assess the situation and give advice regarding treatment.