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Storage of items

Loft storage

You are not permitted to store any of your personal possessions in the loft space. The loft space should not be accessed and should be kept clear at all times. We need to be able to gain access to the loft so that we are able to inspect and maintain it when necessary, and also to allow adequate insulation to be laid.

Keeping items in communal areas

In order to make your communal areas as safe as possible, it is essential that you understand what you should not leave outside your property. It is important that all communal areas are not used for the storage of your possessions or as a place to leave unwanted goods. We will dispose of any items left in communal areas, this includes pushchairs, bikes and mobility scooters.

We have a legal obligation to manage the safety of communal areas and to make sure there are no obstructions that make it difficult to get out of the building, or anything that gives off smoke which may affect you or hinder the Emergency Services in their rescue duties. We have a responsibility to make sure you can escape in case of an emergency. 

Communal sheds and scooter stores

Items in communal sheds and scooter sheds stores are left at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for damage to them. 

Items left in empty properties

There may be instances when goods are left in empty properties. This can be as a result of an eviction, death, or a tenant abandoning without giving due notice. A notice can be served to clear the property of goods to enable the property to be re-let in a timely manner.  We will store goods in a clean, dry, safe place for a set period of time. We will inform the resident where the goods are being stored and the duration of storage and how they can be collected. We will charge for the storage of the items and will dispose of the items if they are not collected in time. This procedure can also be followed if items are left/abandoned in a garage.