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Moving home and mutual exchange

Giving notice to end your tenancy

You may wish to end your tenancy. We require you to give four weeks' written notice (ending on a Sunday) to end your tenancy. Termination forms are available from Customer Services or can be found on the Council's website. We will write to you confirming we have received your notice. We will advise you of the date your tenancy will end, and when and where you should return the keys.

Where the tenancy is a joint tenancy, one tenant can terminate the tenancy on behalf of both tenants. If you are the tenant that did not give notice, you do not have an automatic right to continue to live in the property, or be offered alternative accommodation.

You must ensure that we are given vacant possession of the property on the date the notice expires. Contact your housing officer if you will not be able to leave the property by the date the notice expires. If you do not return your keys on time, or some are missing, we will charge you for lock replacements. Rent will continue to be charged until the notice expires, even if the keys are returned early.

To end your tenancy with us, please print, complete and return the  Notice to Terminate a Tenancy form (PDF) [171KB] (opens new window) .

Ending a tenancy on the tenant's behalf

Where a power of attorney exists, written notice may be given on behalf of the tenant if you send a copy of the relevant documentation. Power of attorney is no longer valid upon death.

In the event of a sole tenant's death, the executor of the estate (if there is a will) or the administrator of the estate (granted by probate) must give us four weeks' written notice and provide the death certificate. If there is no will in place, we must end the tenancy by giving 4 weeks notice to the Public Trustee. Rent is still due from the estate during this notice period. This is a legal requirement, we cannot take notice from family members/friends unless they are the executor of the will.

Housing register

If your accommodation is no longer suitable, you may qualify to join our housing register to be considered for alternative social housing within South Holland.  You must have no rent arrears and not be subject to any investigations regarding tenancy breaches. You can apply at  alternatively, please contact your Housing Officer to discuss your options further.

You may also apply to the housing register of another local authority. You will need to contact the relevant council to confirm whether you are eligible to join their waiting list. We are not able to assist you with this application.

You may be interested in our advice about moving out when leaving your property.

Domestic abuse support

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, please contact us to discuss the options available to you. . We can help to keep you safe in your home or help to secure alternative housing. Alternatively, you can visit the Ending Abuse Now website (opens new window)  or Domestic Abuse Lincolnshire for support.

Information to help council tenants when moving out, regardless of how the tenancy ends.
Find out about how to swap homes with another council tenant, known as mutual exchange.