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Moving out

Regardless of how your tenancy ends, when moving out of your home you need to:

  • allow access for a property inspection before your tenancy ends. We will tell you if you need to do any repairs before you move out, and what must be removed from the property and garden. We will advise whether any non-standard items can remain in the property.
  • repair any damage you are responsible for - please note, you will be charged for any repairs that are considered your responsibility and any damage caused by neglect or deliberate acts. This includes any alterations/additions made without our permission or not to the correct standard/legal requirement.
  • leave your property and garden clean and tidy - please note, you will be charged for any clearance work. Please ensure any pet waste is removed and disposed of appropriately. You may be able to leave a shed - please discuss this with the housing officer.
  • remove all belongings and rubbish from your home and garden (including any outbuildings) - please note, you will be charged for any clearance work. We will not purchase any non-standard items such as carpets, curtains, furniture etc from you.
  • ensure a qualified engineer is used to remove gas and electrical appliances. We will charge you for any work to rectify any damage caused including leaving bare wires or open gas pipes.
  • ensure your rent account is up to date and any money due for charges and repairs are paid in full. If you cannot clear the debt, you must make an arrangement to pay the balance.
  • arrange for electricity, gas and water meters to be read.
  • inform Council Tax and Housing Benefit/Universal Credit that you are moving.
  • providing a forwarding address.
  • ensure no one remains living at the property.
  • ensure all pets are removed from the property and garden.

Your right to compensation for improvements

If you are a secure tenant and have made approved improvements to the home, you may be entitled to compensation for any improvements you made to the home when the tenancy ends. 

We will consider all claims in accordance with 'The Secure Tenants of Local Authorities (Compensation for Improvements) Regulations 1994'. You will not get compensation if your tenancy comes to an end because of a possession order or you are buying your home through the Right to Buy Scheme, or you are offered the tenancy of another property which is substantially the same.

Please contact us for more information.