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Communal housing

Please contact the repairs team on 01775 761161 as soon as possible to report any defects in communal areas, for example, faults to the communal door, lights, door entry system. If there are any problems or suggestions you have for your neighbourhood please contact us.

How to manage communal areas

Communal areas of flats should always be kept clear of any rubbish and personal belongings to ensure staff and contractors are able to work in these areas unhindered. Corridors and landings are also important escape routes so should be kept clear in case of emergency.

Items such as bicycles, pushchairs, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, electrical appliances, rubbish bags, furniture, pictures and children's toys should all be stored inside your flat to comply with your responsibilities under the Tenancy Agreement.

Mobility scooters must not be stored or charged in communal areas of blocks of flats because they may cause an obstruction and there is a potential fire risk whilst on charge. If you live in a flat and are considering obtaining a mobility scooter please contact your housing officer beforehand to discuss what options may be available for storing and charging your mobility scooter. Please ensure that you have adequate, safe charging arrangements.

If you have a door entry system on your block of flats, please ensure the door is always closed securely and not propped open so as not to compromise security for everyone living in the block.

It is an offence to smoke in internal communal areas, as well as other public places. You may smoke in your own home (ensuring doors dividing your home and communal areas are closed).

If you live in a block of flats with communal (shared) bins you should place your rubbish bags inside the large collection bins. Do not leave them near the bins or on communal landings and walkways or in the gardens. Only rubbish placed in the bins will be collected. Rubbish bags left beside bins or outside can attract vermin. If this results in vermin, you could be charged for the treatment.

Please do not leave large bulky items anywhere in your block of flats (including the bin area), your garden or the wider estate.

How we manage communal areas

We are responsible for the day to day management of communal areas in our blocks of flats, maintaining a safe and clean environment in buildings and surrounding grounds by undertaking regular checks and observations. The duties we undertake include:

  • regular health and safety inspections in and around blocks of flats to ensure the communal areas are safe, reporting repairs and making sure defects are put right promptly
  • speaking to residents who leave items in communal areas and working to achieve clear communal areas, both inside and outside
  • monitoring the cleaning of all communal areas including within flats, community centres and guest rooms.
  • checking bin areas to make sure residents are disposing of their rubbish properly
  • making sure that cars are being parked considerately and are not on grass verges or blocking access routes for emergency vehicles
  • reporting environmental problems such as fly tipping, vandalism and abandoned cars
  • monitoring the standard of cleaning and grounds maintenance, raising any performance issues with our appointed contractors
  • looking for ways to improve our estates.

Communal television aerials

When signing your tenancy agreement we will tell you whether your property is connected to receive a digital television service. You will pay a small weekly charge for this service. The aerial is capable of receiving Sky, BT and other providers. If you are not connected to a communal digital aerial then you will need to arrange this yourself.

You must request permission from your housing officer if you would like to erect an outside aerial or satellite dish, otherwise you may be asked to remove it. You may also need planning permission for a satellite dish. Some estates may not allow satellite dishes to be installed due to planning covenants - you will have been informed of any rules that apply to your estate. Contact us to find out if you need permission from housing or planning.