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Criminal and anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour includes a range of unacceptable behaviour that affects the quality of life for residents and others living or working in the community. We will actively defend people's rights to live in their home free from nuisance and harassment. The types of behaviour that we consider anti-social include, but are not limited to:

  • domestic violence and abuse
  • physical violence
  • hate-related incidents (for example; based on race, sexual orientation, gender, disability or belief)
  • verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation or threatening behaviour
  • vandalism and damage to properties
  • prostitution, sexual acts or kerb crawling
  • criminal behaviour
  • noise nuisance
  • misuse of communal areas, public areas or loitering.

We do not tolerate anti-social behaviour and will take action whenever necessary or where appropriate.

Neighbour disputes

Disputes with neighbours are often caused by misunderstandings and can be resolved by talking to each other and reaching a compromise. If you are experiencing a problem with a neighbour, your first step should be to approach them yourself. You could also write to your neighbour if this fails to resolve the problem, explaining how their actions are affecting you and politely ask them to change.

We will try to resolve anti-social behaviour without taking court action if possible. Even when legal action is taken, we will continue to talk to the people involved and try to get them to reach an agreement to change their behaviour or settle a dispute.

Residents should recognise that everyday noise and lifestyle differences are to be expected when living close to other people and are not considered anti-social behaviour.

How we manage anti-social behaviour

We can address anti-social behaviour through a range of legal mechanisms including:

  • community protection notices
  • demoting tenancies
  • fixed penalties
  • court orders
  • taking possession of your home.

This list is not exhaustive and we will consider which action is proportionate in all the circumstances. 

You may be expected to engage in mediation services if we recommended this as a possible solution to anti-social behaviour. Where appropriate, we will work in partnership with the police to resolve cases. We may apply to the court for possession of your home if you or a member of your household or visitor:

  • is convicted of an indictable offence or a serious offence committed in the locality of your property, or
  • is convicted of an indictable offence related to rioting anywhere in England or Wales.