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About your rent

You can pay rent online using our 24 hour service

Rent is due every Monday and we expect all tenants to pay their rent in advance and on time. When a bank holiday falls on a Monday, rent should be paid in advance. We need to collect your rent so that we can provide a high standard of service including;

  • a home for life (subject to following the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement)
  • a well maintained property that meets Decent Homes Standards
  • rent that is affordable
  • support from dedicated housing officers.

Not paying your rent and falling into rent arrears can have significant consequences and can lead to you being evicted from your home.

You can view your rent account on the Tenants Portal.

Your rent needs to be paid in advance. You can pay your rent weekly, fortnightly or monthly but it must be in advance. Your tenancy agreement sets out your basic rent amount and any service charges you are required to pay. Your rent amount may change each April and you will receive a letter with 28 days' notice of any changes. Your rent is set in accordance with government guidelines.

If you are joint tenants, you are each responsible for all of the rent, other charges and any arrears. We can recover all rent, other charges and arrears from any individual joint tenant (regardless of whether they remain living in the property.

Find out what payment options you have to pay your rent.
Advice for people experiencing financial difficulty or need advice about rent arrears.
Information about Universal Credit, how to apply for it and how to use it for paying rent.
Find out about rent price increase changes from 4 April 2022