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Repairs and maintenance

As a responsible landlord, we have a duty to care for and maintain your property. As a tenant, you also have the responsibility to keep your property maintained and properly cared for. We are also responsible for maintaining the outside of council properties, as well as keeping the property structure in good repair.

Find out how to report and request a repair to your council home, including out of hours emergency repairs.
We will only fix repairs for free if it is general wear and tear. Any repairs that are considered not to be caused by wear and tear are chargeable.
Find out what you need to do to maintain your property and understand the responsibilities of both tenants and the council.
Information on asbestos and how to identify if it is a health concern.
Find out how to prevent damp and mould happening in your home.
Find out what to do in the event of a gas, water and electrical emergency in the home.