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Charges for repairs

We will only fix repairs for free if the repair is from general wear and tear. Any repairs that are considered not to have been caused by wear and tear are chargeable. 

Repairs we charge for

We will charge tenants for property repairs for things such as:

  • work that is not the responsibility of the landlord
  • rectifying work you have carried our without the necessary written permission or is substandard
  • repairs that are required as a result of misuse, vandalism or damage (accidental or deliberate) to the property
  • rectifying damage caused by your failure to comply with your reporting repairs or failure to maintain your own equipment
  • changing the locks of and/or securing the property if you abandon it
  • abuse of the emergency out of hours repair service for non-emergency repairs
  • replacing missing or broken keys
  • clearing the garden
  • any repairs agreed by the landlord and tenant to support the sustainability of the tenancy.

Repair costs

Here are some examples of charges and associated costs for repairs that are not classed as wear and tear. We have only provided guide prices, as every repair need is different and so the cost will vary, depending on what is needed. 

  • Changing the external locks due to lost keys or damage = £50
  • Boarding up window and replacing double glazing = £150 per m²
  • Supply and re-hang a new internal door = £125 per door
  • Re-plaster walls or ceilings = £10 per m²
  • Unblocking a toilet = £35
  • Replacement toilet = £200
  • Replacement basin = £195
  • Replacement bath = £450

Any chargeable repair will be discussed with you and the total cost of the repair will be clearly set out. You will be required to pay for non-emergency repairs up front and in full before they will be completed. Alternatively, you can arrange for the work to be completed by a private contractor, however it will need to meet council standards.