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Request a repair

    Tenants must report any property defects to us by calling 01775 761161. During the call you will be asked to confirm the following information by the telephone operator:

    • your full address and postcode
    • a contact telephone number or email address
    • information about the fault you are reporting.

    We will determine the repair priority during the call and arrange a convenient appointment date and time with you for the trades person to visit your home to complete the work. If you have already reported a repair, but are concerned that it has become worse and needs to be repaired before the appointed date, please call us on 01775 761161.

    Out of hours emergency repairs 

    Our out of hours service is only for emergency repairs required outside of normal operating times. If you need to report a fault that is an emergency outside of office hours please call 01522 782235. An emergency repair is something that would put the health, safety or security of a tenant or third party at immediate risk, or cause severe damage to the property such as:

    • blocked flue to an open fire or boiler
    • a blocked toilet that will not flush and it is the only toilet in the property
    • blocked foul drain, soil pipe or toilet and it is the only toilet in the property
    • total loss of heating or hot water during the period 31 October - 31 March
    • a serious water leak 
    • unsafe electrical fittings 
    • an insecure external entrance door, a window on the ground floor or an easily accessible first floor window
    • a serious roof leak.

    We urge all tenants to ensure that any emergency repairs reported are in fact genuine emergencies that require an urgent response. If the attending trades person considers the repair a non-emergency repair, you may be recharged the cost of attendance at your home.  

    Repair response times

    Our repairs service is open Monday to Thursday from 8am until 4pm and Friday from 8am until 3.30pm. Repairs are rated by priority and our tradesmen will be scheduled to visit your home to carry out the repair works as follows:

    Repair priority ratingTarget attendance time
    1 - emergency repair reported outside office hourswithin 4 hours
    2 - emergency repair reported within office hourswithin 8 hours
    3 - routine repair28 working days