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Private Hire Vehicle

A Private Hire Vehicle can only be pre-booked and is not able to be hired from the street or a taxi rank.

It is illegal for a driver to refuse to carry a guide or assistance dog unless the driver has a medical exemption certificate issued by us. Drivers that refuse to carry a guide or assistance dog and do not have an exemption certificate could face a fine of up to £1000 following a conviction at the Magistrates Court.

All Hackney Carriages, private hire vehicles and operator's booking offices are required to be smoke-free, please read our Icon for pdf guidance on smoke free environments [31.19KB].

Some of our requirements to consider when licensing your vehicle as a private hire vehicle are:

  • once a vehicle is licensed as a private hire vehicle it can only be driven by a driver licensed by us
  • you are unable to drive a licensed private hire vehicle, unless you are licensed as a driver by us
  • our become a taxi driver page explains how you are entitled to drive both a Hackney Carriage and private hire vehicle
  • the vehicle:
    • must be suitable for licensing as a private hire vehicle
    • have at least four seats
    • have a fire extinguisher on board
    • cannot have a roof or boot rack installed
    • must be tested at one of our approved garages and have a current Certificate of Compliance
    • must have a valid certificate of insurance which must cover the vehicle for use as a private hire vehicle
    • must be licensed to work under a private hire operator
  • a fee of £180 is payable, as detailed on the application form.

Executive private hire vehicles

We will licence Executive Private Hire Vehicles which are issued with an internal sticker, rather than a plate, if the vehicle meets the Icon for pdf executive private hire vehicle conditions [77.01KB].

To apply for an executive private hire licence please complete the Icon for pdf executive vehicle application form [417.78KB].

Please note: there is an extra fee of £30 for this type of licence application. Total application fee for executive private hire is £210.

Apply for a private hire vehicle licence

If you are happy to licence the vehicle as a private hire vehicle, please complete and return the Icon for pdf taxi and private hire application form [126.89KB].   

The following documents can be brought into the Council Offices, Customer Services will check off the documents, seal them into a secure bag and give you a receipt.

The following supporting documents can be brought into the Council Offices (address below) with your application. Customer services will then check the documents, seal them into a secure bag and give you a receipt. You can also post or email the application and documents to

  • Completed application form and Icon for pdf relevant fee [160.95KB]
  • vehicle registration documents
  • vehicle insurance for private hire
  • certificate of compliance
  • LOLER Certificate, if applicable.

Icon for pdf Private hire vehicle conditions [18.79KB] are attached to the licence.

Please note that applications will not be accepted without the above supporting documents being produced.

South Holland District Council
Council Offices
Licensing Team
Priory Road
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You may want to licence your vehicle as a Hackney Carriage vehicle. Use our hackney carriage and private hire vehicle checker for more information. 

If you require further information or are unsure if you need a licence, please contact us on 01775 761161 or email