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Providing building plans

A plan of the premises will have to be submitted with every application for a premises licence or club premises certificate.

A building plan will need to show:

  • the boundary of the building, if relevant, and any external and internal walls of the building and, if different, the perimeter of the premises
  • points of access and exits from the premises, and the location of escape routes if different
  • where the premises is to be used for more than one licensable activity, the area within the premises used for each activity
  • fixed structures (including furniture) or similar objects temporarily in a fixed location (but not furniture) which may impact on exits and escape routes
  • the location and height of any stage or raised area or area relative to the floor
  • any steps, stairs, elevators or lifts
  • any room or rooms containing public conveniences
  • the location of a kitchen, if any, on the premises.

The plan may include symbols to illustrate such matters and a key to explain them. It must be clear and legible in all material respects.

Please ensure you make it clear as to where the different licensable activities are going to take place, use coloured outlines if necessary (if using this method, remember to update your key to enable the plan to be easily readable and understandable).