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Licensing Policy Statement

South Holland District Council, as Licensing Authority, is required by the Licensing Act 2003 to prepare and publish a statement of its Licensing Policy every five years. Such a policy must be published before the Authority carries out any function in respect of an individual application made under the terms of the Act.

The policy must be kept under review and the Licensing Authority may make any revisions to it as it considers appropriate. The policy document is the framework that the Council has set down for promoting the licensing objectives and will set out how the Council will consider and determine applications for licences in conjunction with the statutory guidance issued by the Secretary of State.

Before the Licensing Authority determines its policy for any five year period, or if revising a policy within a period, it must consult the persons listed in section 5(3) of the Act. These are:

  • the police
  • the fire service
  • representatives of licence holders
  • local businesses and their representatives
  • local residents and their representatives
  • the body responsible for child protection
  • other relevant bodies.

A draft statement of licensing policy for the years 2021 to 2026 was considered and approved by The Council on 25 November 2020. The policy became effective on 7 January 2021 can be viewed or downloaded using the following link: