Recycling - composters

South Holland District Council is keen to cut down on the amount of waste collected and home composting is an excellent way of diverting organic household waste from landfill.

Composting at home is an easy way to transform garden and kitchen waste into a healthy soil improver for your plants and shrubs. By simply adding a mixture of grass cuttings, plant prunings, used tea bags, scrunched up paper, fruit and vegetable peelings to a composting bin, you can, over time enjoy a more beautiful garden!.

Not only does home composting reduce your waste volume by up to 40%, it also provides a product that will improve the quality and structure of your soil, while suppressing disease and offering a cost effective alternative to peat based products.

Composters may be purchased through a Lincolnshire wide scheme at a reduced rate. For more information on the types of bins on offer please visit

For further support and information to help you to start composting at home go to the website