Rubbish and Recycling

Details of SHDC's rubbish and recycling collections

Find out about why selected homes across the South Holland district are trialling a separate waste paper and cardboard collection service.
Find out when your refuse and recycling is collected
How to report a missed refuse, recycling, bulky or garden waste collection
Details of South Holland District Councils Christmas Tree Collections 2019/2020
Details of collections during Bank holiday periods
Bulky Waste Collection is the collection of large items from domestic premises only
Details of Back refuse and green recycling sack allowances
Assisted collection is a service we offer if there is no one in your property who is physically able to move your household waste or recycling sacks to the boundary of your property.
Contaminated recycling will not be accepted by our recycling processors and may end up being sent for disposal, ultimately costing us, and therefore YOUR, money. What a waste! To avoid contamination, please use the recycling bags for the correct materials only
The Council is responsible for the collection of household waste and for taking it for processing/disposal
South Holland District Council is keen to cut down on the amount of waste collected and home composting is an excellent way of diverting organic household waste from landfill
Household Waste Recycling Centre and Recycling Sites operated by Lincolnshire County Council.
On average, everyone in the UK throws away their own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks. We can all help ease the problem by reducing the amount we throw away in the first place and recycling as much materials as we can.
Use this tool to find out which bin or waste bag to put your waste in.