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Waste guidance

We are responsible for the collection of household waste and for taking it for processing and disposal. The collection vehicles used are equipped with CCTV which records images for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety. 

We will:

  • collect your refuse sacks on the same day each week (except for changes as a result of bank holidays)
  • collect your recycling sacks on the same day each week (except for changes as a result of bank holidays)
  • advertise well in advance any changes to the collection service
  • provide you with a platform to check your collection days (please check here Check your collection days)
  • provide facilities for recycling waste.

You can help us by:

  • putting your sacks out to the edge of your property for removal by 6am on your collection day. Special arrangements can be made if there is nobody in your household who can do this
  • making sure sacks are securely tied
  • ensuring your sacks are not ripped or torn
  • not presenting sacks in a container or bin.

Refuse collections

A weekly kerbside collection is provided for all householders in South Holland to dispose of their refuse. This 'black sack' collection service is for non-recyclable waste only.

Recycling collections

A weekly kerbside collection is provided for all households in South Holland to dispose of their recycling. This 'green sack' collection is for recyclable waste only. A list of what can be recycled is available on our recycling guide page.

Check your collection days

To find out your refuse and recycling collection days please see the check your collection days page

Please note that your refuse and recycling sacks may be collected on different days of the week. Your refuse and recycling sacks should be put out for collection before 6am on the day of your collection.

Sack deliveries

All households in South Holland are entitled to 52 black sacks (delivered in batches of 26, twice a year). If you require more than 52 black refuse sacks within a year, they can be purchased at most supermarkets and hardware stores.

All households in South Holland are also entitled to 80 green recycling sacks, which are delivered with the black sacks in batches of 40, twice a year. Should you run out of green sacks, you can place your recycling for collection in:

  • any other clear coloured sack (except black)
  • a suitably sized recyclable container (which will not be returned)
  • a cardboard box or,
  • a carrier bag.

If you have just moved into a property in South Holland and need black or green sacks to be delivered, please complete the online additional bags request form (opens new window).

Collection policy

Refuse and recycling collections are made from the curtilage of your property. This is the point where property in private ownership joins a public highway. In most cases this will be at the end of a garden path or driveway, however for properties on a shared private drive, waste must be placed at the end of the driveway. You must not present your sacks inside a container or bin. If in doubt, please contact us.

If you have any difficulty moving your waste to the designated point of collection please and there is nobody in your household who can do this for you, please visit our assisted refuse collection page. This has information on how we can help make your waste collection easier to manage.

We will not collect any refuse or recycling sacks that are torn or ripped prior to our attendance.

Please do not leave loose waste next to your sacks as this will not be collected.  We will not collect any household waste that is not presented in the appropriate black or green sack, for example loose waste, waste presented in carrier bags or waste presented in boxes.