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Dangerous structures and demolitions

Dangerous structures

If you believe that a building or structure may be dangerous, Building Control is available to attend 24 hours a day. 

You can report a (non-emergency) dangerous structure to us online (opens new window)  or by calling 01755 761161 and inform the operator that you believe a building to be dangerous, giving as much information as possible. 

If the dangerous structure is thought to be an immediate danger, we might rectify the problem itself and charge the owner of the building for this service.


Under section 80 of The Building Act 1984, if you wish to carry out a demolition you must submit a Demolition Notice (section 80 notice) (opens new window) .

Demolition should not be commenced until six weeks have elapsed from submission of a section 80 notice, or a receipt from us of a section 81 notice; whichever is sooner. Any person doing so renders themselves liable to prosecution and a fine of £500. See our demolition factsheet (PDF) [12KB] (opens new window)  for more information.

For health and safety advice, please visit the Health and Safety Executive website (opens new window)  or for specific advice relating to the removal of Asbestos, please visit the Asbestos information on the Health and Safety Executive website (opens new window) .