Street Naming and Numbering

Our Building Control service deals with applications for new street names building names and new numbers to buildings. We also manage the maintenance and replacement of street nameplates and renumbering of streets.

The address of a property is becoming an increasingly important issue. Our purpose is to make sure that any new street names are suitable and that no duplication or similarity exists that could lead to confusion. Amongst other things it is vital that the emergency services are able to locate any address to which they are summoned.

Naming and Numbering of Buildings

Anyone wishing to change the name or number of their property or seeking an address for a new property should apply via our Property Naming/Numbering Request form, uploading a site plan where possible.

Where a property has a number it must be used and displayed in a visible location from the highway.

Names for all buildings should be allocated by the Council. However where a domestic dwelling carries a street number, it is not necessary to seek formal approval to use a name but the intended name may not repeat the road name or the name of any nearby road or building.

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Further information

For further information on street naming or numbering please contact Building Control on 01775 764723 or