Online Building Control Quote

All fees for applications for Building Control are now calculated on a quotation basis - please use the link below to submit a request for a quote for your Building Regulation application.

Each different type of application - Full Plans, Building Notice and Regularisation attracts a different fee due to the varying levels of work involved in dealing with each different type of application.  For example, a Full Plans application for an extension will be a different fee to a Building Notice for an extension.

For an explanation on the different types of applications please see our Online Building Control Application

For a quote for your Building Control application please use the link below.  Once you have filled in and submitted the details we will receive the request and your requirements will be assessed.  If we feel additional works (energy) are required we will contact you discuss.

Once you receive the quote back from us simply review it and follow the link in the letter to accept and complete the process.

Upon accepting and completing the process this then forms the basis of your actual application and there is no requirement to submit any further forms or correspondence to us.

Full Plans Quote Request

Building Notice Quote Request

Regularisation Quote Request