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Building Control forms and fees

New manual (paper) Building Control applications will require the relevant application below:

Alternatively you could use our electronic quotation system below:

Building Control exemption forms

Demolitions forms

Building Regulation charges

We aim to offer the best service at competitive prices. If you look at other Building Control companies, you'll see they don't publish their prices online, and neither do we. This is because every case is different. Our fees should reflect the work involved for us. To avoid confusion, it is important we confirm our charges to you in writing, and that you tell us what the work is as best you can.

The easiest way to determine what our estimated charges are for your project is to go to our online building control quotation page or send us an email with a sketch or plan of your proposal to If you cannot do this, please contact the us to discuss 01775 764447. By speaking directly to us, we can resolve any fee problems before an application is submitted to us, therefore the application shouldn't get held up at the validation stage. We will respond to fee requests made Monday to Friday within one working day of the day of request.

Building Regulation services aren't funded through Council Tax, Business Rates, or general taxation (with the exception of certain works for disabled people). We're required by law to fully recover our costs of providing the Building Regulation service through charges on a case by case basis. So our charges have been determined using what we think is a reasonable amount of time we need to put into the project.

In setting the fees, we make no allowance for repeated plan checking, carrying out more than one type of inspection (for example foundations, drains etc), or for helping your builder understand what he or she needs to do.

Where we incur additional work over and above an additional one hour, we may seek to recover our additional costs - but we will contact you first to discuss this, should the need arise.

To minimise your costs, we strongly recommend you only appoint people or organisations with the appropriate skills. Our costs amount to more than the officer's time to check plans and be on site. Our charges need to recover all costs, including:

  • application processing
  • site inspection preparation
  • site note recording
  • travel time, and
  • our internal support costs (HR, accountancy, customer services etc, which are typical of any organisation).

Paying Building Regulation application charges

Your application is not legally valid until the correct application charge has been paid.

We are aware that a large number of applications are invalid because not all of the work is identified on the application form and consequently paid for. Where there is no inspection fee invoice, we will contact you for the additional amount at the validation stage.

Where there is an underpayment, we reserve the right to invoice you at a later date should work not start on site within 12 months.

Where there has been an overpayment, then the additional fees will be deducted from any inspection fee, or you can request a refund at any stage up until the inspection fee invoice is produced.

Inspection charges

Our hourly rate is £60.45 plus VAT.

Where an inspection fee is payable you will receive an invoice shortly after the first inspection. You can pay an invoice online by selecting 'other payments' and using the options to select 'Building Control' and 'Building Reg Fees'.

All of our charges include VAT at the standard rate, with the exception of regularisation charges where no VAT is payable. Inspection charges relating to an application submitted before any VAT changes will be charged at the rate applicable when the service was provided. In the case of inspection fees, the VAT rate is the rate applicable at the time the invoice is raised, not that applicable at the time the application was deposited.

Building Control financial statement