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Online Building Control application

Links to our online Building Control application forms are detailed on this page. Please read the information about our fees and the different types of application before deciding which type of application you need to submit.

Building regulations

To find out if you need building regulations, please call 01775 764723 or email us You may also find the interactive house helpful, which is available on the Planning Portal.

Building control fees

Building control fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, which means a quotation will be required for your project. Please submit a building control quotation request or contact us on 01775 764723 and we can arrange a quote for you.

Fees are split, depending on which type of application you submit. 

  • For a Building Notice and Regularisation, the fees are required to be paid in full on submission of an application.
  • A Full Plans application depends on the complexity of the project. The fee is often split between Plan Check and Inspections or occasionally all required on submission of an application.
  • Where the fee is split, the plan fee is due on submission of an application and the inspection fee on commencement of the works.

If you have any queries about fees relating to your project, please call 01775 764723 or email us

Types of building control applications

With regard to Full Plans and Building Notice applications, it is important that you notify us at the commencement of works by calling us or going online and booking a commencement inspection. We operate a next day inspection service, as long as you book your inspection before 4.30pm the previous working day.

Please read the details of each type of application, to determine which will suit your requirements:

  • Full plans
    To submit a full plans application you will need detailed specifications and scaled drawings of your project. Upon receipt and acceptance we will check your plans and make sure they meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.  We will liaise with you with regard to any points that need addressing in order to comply with the regulations. Once approved you or your builder will be aware of what needs to be done at each stage of the build.
  • Building notice
    A Building Notice can be submitted without any detailed plans or specifications - all we need is the fee, site plan and application and you can start work after 48 hours provided you notify us of the intended start date.

    As there are no detailed plans to work from the build will be checked on site as the job progresses and the surveyor will advise you of how to comply with the regulations and when you need to arrange your inspections.  You need to be aware that if you build something that is found to be incorrect then remedial work may be required which could result unnecessary expense.
  • Regularisation
    A regularisation application is needed when works have already been completed and you have neglected to submit an application. Upon receipt of this type of application we will check the works on site, there may be a need to expose certain elements of the build to ensure that it complies with the regulations.