Dog Fouling

It is an offence under current legislation to allow a dog to foul on the public highway with a speed limit of 40mph or less and not to clean up afterwards.

On receipt of a complaint from the public, the Dog Warden will investigate and report back to Waste Services who will arrange for the dog fouling to be removed. The Dog Warden will also assess the need for signs.

The Dog Warden regularly patrols the district and will take action if anyone is observed allowing their dog to foul in this way.

In certain circumstances the Council may contact the owners of the offending dog (if the owners are known) to deal with the problem.

We will need the person's address even if you do not know their full name. Your name and address will not be disclosed.

How do I report dog fouling?

Please email

Common Questions

Q. Why should I clear up after my dog?
A. A person who does not clear up their dog's faeces may be committing an offence under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and can be liable to a maximum penalty of £1000.

Q. How do I clear up after my dog?
A. Always take some plastic bags with you. You can dispose of the bag in any red dog bin or refuse bin. Alternatively, take it home and put in your black bag. Do NOT flush it down the toilet.

Q. People keep letting their dogs foul on the path in a particular location. What should I do?
A. Report the matter to Environmental Health,email your complaint. The Dog Warden will seek to include the area within patrols. You will be asked if you are able to provide a statement to identify the guilty party.