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Drains and sewers

A drain is normally a pipe which carries away liquid waste from a single building. The maintenance and repair of private drains are the responsibility of the householder or landowner. If your drain is blocked, you will usually know because your waste won't go away when you flush the toilet, or the gullies outside will overflow. There will also probably be an odour.

A sewer is normally a large pipe, usually underground, that is used for carrying waste water and human waste away from more than one property. Blockages or damage to private and public sewers should be reported to Anglian Water (opens new window).

Overflows from drains, a cesspool or septic tank which cause a statutory nuisance can be investigated by us. To report a problem, please email us

Drainage of public highways

The rainwater road gullies and drains connecting gullies to a public sewer, are the responsibility of the Lincolnshire County Council Highways. Public surface water sewers are the responsibility of either: