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Animal Licensing fees

Animal Welfare licensing application fees are detailed in the table below. The duration of the licence granted will be done on a risk assessment basis.

Where an animal welfare premises conducts more than one licensable activity on the same licence, only one initial application fee will be payable. However, this will consist of the highest activity application fee combined with the additional activity fee. For example, a premises that breeds dogs and sells animals as pets will pay £344 (£295 plus £49) upon initial application, plus the additional compliance fees depending on which star rating has been achieved after the first inspection.

Where the 2018 regulations require inspection of a premises by a veterinarian, the full cost of that inspection is payable by the premises licence holder/applicant in addition to the figures in the table above.

To make payment:

Please pay the application fee associated with the type of licence you are applying for first. The Compliance fees are paid after the inspection is completed and the length of the licence is determined.

Animal Welfare Fees

Licensable Activity

Application Fee




1 year

2 years

3 years

Boarding - Dogs/Cats/Home and Day Care





Selling Animals as Pets





Dog Breeding

£295 (plus vets fee on grant)




Horse Riding

£295 (plus vets fee on grant and annually)




Exhibition of Animals


3 year licence

Additional fees



Additional activity

£49 in addition to highest activity fee

Copy of licence


Change of name or name of business - not transfer


Transfer due to death of licence holder



£105 (plus vets fees if applicable)