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Getting involved

At South Holland there are two Overview and Scrutiny Panels. These are the:

  • Policy Development Panel (PDP), and
  • Performance Monitoring Panel (PMP).

One of the main functions of scrutiny is to reflect the public voice and concerns of the community. The Panels therefore have the job of engaging with residents of South Holland on what matters to them. This is helped by the fact that the meetings are less formal than other Council meetings and Panels are free to choose the issues they want to scrutinise. You can get involved by:

  • Attending meetings
    Except when confidential information is being discussed, all meetings of the Panel are open for the public to come along and watch. Agendas are published five working days before the meeting.
  • Request an item for review
    Scrutiny Panels aim to investigate issues raised by members of the public. These should mainly relate to Council services but can cover other issues that affect the community such as traffic, health and utilities.

Sometimes a Panel will decide to appoint a Task Group to undertake a specific piece of work. The Task Group undertakes the review and reports its findings to the originating Panel.

If you would like to ask for an issue to be looked at, please complete the form using the link below and a Democratic Services Officer will contact you in due course.

Suggest an item for the panel to review

You may also wish to submit comments and suggestions for consideration by ongoing Task Groups. To do this, view the Task Group pages below: