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Performance Monitoring Panel Task Groups

Sometimes a panel will decide to appoint a task group to undertake the specific piece of work.

Task group meetings are made up of Councillors from one of the main scrutiny panels. There are usually only up to five Councillors on a task group. Task group meetings are less formal and, unless engaging in public consultation for the purposes of the review, are rarely open to the press and public.

At the end of a review, the task group will report its findings to a main scrutiny panel who will then decide whether to make recommendations to Cabinet or Council. Sometimes, where an issue covers both performance and policy, a joint task group will be set up with membership being split between members of both panels. The final report is submitted to both of the panels prior to recommendations going forward to Cabinet or Council.

Task groups of the Performance Monitoring Panel

The panels set their own work programmes. This is a rolling process with issues being suggested throughout the year, added to the work programme where appropriate, and timescales agreed.

There are currently no task groups underway.

Archive of task groups

This section includes information on task groups that have produced final reports over the last 12 months and/or where the task group will reform when further information is available. If you require information on any task groups that completed their work prior to this time, please contact the Democratic Services Team.

Effectiveness of CCTV task group

  • Purpose of review: to establish the current situation with regard to CCTV and make recommendations to Cabinet on the way forward.
  • Terms of Reference: to examine the effectiveness of the SHDC CCTV service and prospects for future provision. 

Panel received an update on 8 April 2014 from the Portfolio Holder for Localism and Big Society on the position regarding CCTV. Performance information will be available on the new system in the future, once it becomes operational. The task group will remain in operation to scrutinise performance and will start to do this once the information becomes available.

Membership of task group:

  • Councillor B Alcock
  • Councillor M Howard
  • Councillor R M Rudkin
  • Councillor D J Wilkinson (Chairman)
  • Lead Officer: Emily Spicer
  • Committee Clerk: Lynn Eldred

Date of first meeting: 21 November 2012

Final report(s) to panel:

Leisure facilities task group

This is a joint task group consisting of members from PMP and PDP.

  • Purpose of review: to make recommendations regarding the present and future leisure provision in South Holland.
    • 1. By establishing what leisure provision the District Council presently provides, examining costs, resident satisfaction and competitiveness in order to identify ways of increasing income or reducing expenditure.
    • 2. To understand what the District Council wishes to provide and what the public and major employers need.
    • 3. To examine the options for future provision either to be supplied by the Council, the private sector or shared management.

Membership of task group:

  • G R Aley (Chairman)
  • D Ashby
  • A Casson
  • G K Dark
  • R Perkins
  • S Wilkinson
  • S Slade
  • E Sneath
  • Lead Officer: Phil Adams
  • Committee Clerk: Shelley French

Date of First Meeting: 21 January 2014

Final report(s) to panel:

Sir Halley Stewart playing field task group

This is a joint task group consisting of members from PMP and PDP.

  • Purpose of review: to look into whether it was possible for the Council to extend the use of the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field to wider public access, within the scope of the deeds.
  • Terms of Reference:
    • to establish the situation with regard to finances in relation to the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field
    • to establish what activities could be undertaken at the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field, and what they would cost
    • to establish how the community could be included in a wider usage of the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field
    • to consider the promotion of the booking and accessibility of the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field in order to ensure that the Public Benefit test was met.

Membership of task group:

  • G R Aley
  • P E Coupland
  • G K Dark (Chairman)
  • A Harrison
  • R Perkins
  • E Sneath
  • Lead Officer: Mark Stinson
  • Committee Clerk: Christine Morgan

Date of first meeting: 12 February 2014

Final report(s) to panel: