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Committees and decisions

Decisions of the Council can be made through meetings of the Full Council, the Cabinet, Committees, individually by Cabinet Members or at Officer level.

The Overview and Scrutiny Panels (Performance Monitoring Panel and Policy Development Panel) challenge and scrutinise such decisions.

Details of the membership of committees, panels and meetings.
Details of scheduled Council meetings, including agendas and how you can attend as a member of the public.
Details of the Committees and Panels that Councillors serve on, including the dates, agendas, minutes and reports of the meetings held.
Search and view details of decisions made by Councillors and Officers.
The key decision plan is a list of the council's key decisions that will be made over the next twelve months.
Information about Councillor representatives of outside bodies.
Overview and Scrutiny in local government is an essential part of the Councillors role as a representative of the people.
Find information in relation to agendas, reports and minutes from previous committee meetings.