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Business opportunities

To find out more about how we can help your business grow in South Holland please get in touch with our Economic Development team:

Why you should base your business in South Holland

An enviable way of life, a thriving economy, good communications, road and rail infrastructure (including Super fast Broadband), easy access to major airports and seaports, good schools, affordable housing and unparalleled landscapes are just some of the reasons to start, grow, or move your business to South Holland.

This thriving district is at the very heart of the UK's agri-food sector. Located in south east of Lincolnshire, South Holland has resilient food manufacturing and agricultural sectors, and ties with Holland also mean there is a robust horticulture offer.

In total, over 50 percent of jobs in South Holland are directly linked to the Agri-Food value chain. Manufacturing accounts for nearly twice the number of jobs in South Holland than any other sector. All this is underpinned by a strong and adaptable supply chain of local companies.

South Holland has a dynamic and internationally significant food sector, with up and down stream capacities around logistics and research. TheNational Centre for Food Manufacturing (opens new window) at the University of Lincoln Holbeach Centre, the upcoming Food Enterprise Zone, and plans for additional road infrastructure are poising the district to maintain its international standing in the sector.

The area has very low unemployment levels, reasonable skills levels and a very high stock of full time jobs. Wages levels are highly competitive and it provides excellent access to major sub-regional markets and facilities in Peterborough, Kings Lynn and Boston.

How we can help your business

Business rates

For information on business rates and what relief mechanisms are in place, please see our Business Rates page.

Recruiting staff

South Holland District Council are ideally placed, in conjunction with local staff agencies and partners, including JCP to help with all your staff recruitment needs.

Relocation, property and sites advice

If you are considering relocating your business to South Holland, the District Council can assist in finding suitable sites and premises for your business, as well as liaising with local agents to find housing for you and your staff.

Planning permission

If you are planning to adapt or build your business premises, the Economic Development Department can work with you through the processes you need to follow as part of South Holland's 'Whole Council Approach' to business. This will often involve us setting up a pre planning application meeting to discuss your plans and iron out any potential problems before you make any major financial commitments.

Planning holds a balance between the need for new development and the need to ensure all development is environmentally sustainable. Construction methods also need to comply with the Building Regulations for which there is a separate set of approvals. More information can be found on the Planning and Development page.

Grants and financial support

Finance is often one of the major concerns for an emerging business of any size i.e. borrowing money to get your business off the ground. The Economic Development team can offer help and advice to point you in the right direction, saving you the time and frustration of finding potential funders. If you're looking for a grant towards equipment, please visit our Grants4Growth website to see if this fund could support your business.

Working from home

The advent of super fast broadband to many of the population centres in South Holland has made the option of working from home, or indeed running a business from home, far more attractive. The Economic Development team can give advice on the benefits of high speed broadband, as well as what workshops are available to help you make the most of this new technology.

You do not usually need planning permission just to work from home, but you may do if the residence has changed because of the business.


Trading Standards and Consumer Services is a strategic Local Authority service contributing to the well-being of the local and business community through its enforcement activities and advisory services. The Trading Standards division of Lincolnshire County Council will give talks to any business, consumer group, school or any other organisation on the work carried out by the Trading Standards service.

Sourcing a business

If you are looking to buy an existing business, South Holland District Council have a number of resources to help you find the business you are looking for.


There are around 600 businesses in the UK that are franchised? Franchising is a way of setting up in business yourself but not on your own. With a franchise you run the business, but use methods that have already been tried and tested by another company, called the franchisor. If this method of running a business appeals to you, we can help you find a suitable franchise and premises to run it from, if needed.