Walking For Health Schemes

We have a number of Walking For Health schemes in South Holland including Spalding, Crowland, Donington and Long Sutton and Holbeach. They run every week and it's free to take part.

This initiative was developed through South Holland District Council to support the Council's priority for improving health through Cultural and Sporting Opportunities.  The focus for this priority is on delivering health and cohesion outcomes.  In order to achieve our ambition for a healthy community, we will encourage active recreation. 

People have told us that they feel an improvement in their overall health after completing walks on a regular basis and it really has put a spring in their step.

The development of Walks across the District will enable people, if they wish, to do a walk everyday of the week whilst also exploring new areas of South Holland.


To take part in one or more walks, free of charge each week, just turn up on the day as outlined below:

SPALDING  -  Monday 10.45am meet at South Holland Centre (30 and 60 minutes*)
DONINGTON  -  Tuesday 10.30am meet at Ruby Hunt Centre (30, 45 and 90 minutes*)
CROWLAND  -  Wednesday 10.45am meet at Crowland library (30 and 60 minutes*)
HOLBEACH  -  Thursday 10.30am meet at Holbeach United Services Club (60 minutes*)
SUTTON ST JAMES  -  Thursday 10am meet at Sutton St James Village Hall (60-90 minutes*)
LONG SUTTON  -  Friday 10.45am meet at Long Sutton library (60 minutes*)
SPALDING  -  Friday 11am meet at Ayscoughfee Gardens CafĂ© (30 minutes*)

* Times are approximate

** Suitable for disabled walkers

If you would like more information on the walks, or would be interested in becoming a 'walk leader', please contact the South Holland Walk Coordinator at the Castle Sports Complex, Spalding on 01775 762178.