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Your rights as a tenant

Right to repair

The Right to Repair Scheme ensures that emergency repairs are carried out quickly if they affect your health, safety and security. If we fail to carry out qualifying repairs within the time periods we have set, you can ask us to give the work to another contractor. If the second contractor fails to complete the repair within the second time period we have set, you may be entitled to compensation.

Right to succession

On the death of a tenant, a partner may have the right to become the new tenant of the property (as long as they have been living with the tenant who has died). This is known as succession. If a family member has lived at the property for at least 12 months, they may qualify to succeed. When someone succeeds to a property, the tenancy and the tenancy agreement passes to them. The right to succeed only applies once.

Right to consultation

We believe you have an important role to play in shaping and monitoring the services you receive from us. Getting involved can take as much or as little time as you are able to give and can encompass a variety of different involvement methods. Under section 105 of the Housing Act 1985 (Provision of Information and Consultation) you have a legal right to be consulted on housing management issues.

A focus group may be set up to discuss a specific topic or new idea with a small group of tenants to seek their views and comments and to inform us how we develop a new service or area of work. The group will generally only meet once and the meeting aims to be friendly and informal to encourage discussion. We are committed to involving you in any major changes which may affect your home or neighbourhood. We will consult you on any changes we make by letter, local focus groups, at a public meeting, in local newspapers or via our website.

Right to buy

The Right to Buy scheme allows eligible secure council tenants in England to buy their home at a reduced cost. The discount will depend on the length of time you have been a tenant, the type of property and the value. Your discount will take into account the amount the Council has spent maintaining or building your home over the last 10 to 15 years. You will be required to clear any rent arrears before you can proceed with purchasing your home. 

Further information is available on the Right to Buy government website, you can email us on or speak to a housing officer.

Right to take in a lodger

You have a right to take in a lodger but you must ensure your home does not become overcrowded. You can ask us to tell you the permitted number of people allowed at your home. You must write to us to confirm who the lodger is with their name and date of birth before they move in. You are expected to ask the lodger to leave if we inform you that they are an unsuitable lodger (due to being known for anti social or criminal behaviours). 

If you are receiving housing benefit, council tax support or Universal Credit, you must notify the relevant department as soon as you take in a lodger, as it may affect your benefit entitlement.

Right to improve your home

You have the right to improve your home, but you must ask for our permission in writing, giving details of the work you want to carry out. You will need permission, please see our repairs and maintenance webpages.

Right to exchange

You can exchange your home with another tenant of a local authority or provider. You will need permission, further information on this can be found on our mutual exchanges webpage.

Personal data as a tenant

As a future or existing tenant of a council property, you may be interested to know what information we collect about you, how we process it or how long we keep it for. The following privacy notice should give you the information you need to know how we handle your data as a council tenant.