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Injunction awarded as council and police look to tackle anti-social behaviour in South Holland

Crowland Abbey
Posted on 10 July 2018

Crowland Abbey
A 15 year old boy from Crowland has been served with an injunction after a court judged an ongoing spate of anti-social behaviour to have caused undue harassment and distress to residents across the town.

The court case followed extended work between South Holland District Council and South Holland Police after residents of Crowland reported ongoing problems caused by the boy's behaviour.

An injunction is designed to tackle repeated and ongoing anti-social behaviour, those subject to them have been given significant opportunities to modify their behaviour before an injunction is sought.

Under the conditions of the injunction, for the next six months the individual will be unable to:

  • Display or encourage any rude, offensive, indecent, obscene or aggressive behaviour publicly within the District of South Holland.
  • Throw or encourage the throwing of any missile or object at any person or property.
  • Cause or encourage the causing of damage to any property within the District of South Holland.
  • Knock on doors, rings bells or bang windows on any property within District of South Holland, or encourage anyone else to do so.
  • Congregate in any bus shelter within Crowland, save for when waiting for a scheduled school bus service or when accompanied by a parent.
  • Be in a group of 4 or more people within the district of South Holland, save when at school or college, when involved in a school or college pre-arranged event, or in any event as approved by South Holland District Council, or the Youth Offending Service.

He will also be required to attend specific sessions directed by the Youth Offending Service and to continue to engage with the Lincolnshire County Council Positive Futures programme. A failure to adhere to these instructions could lead to a Supervision Order or a Detention Order being awarded.

Councillor Gary Taylor, Portfolio Holder for Communities and Facilities said: "That we were able to obtain this injunction is a testament to the willingness of the people of Crowland to report anti-social behaviour to both the district council and local police. We remain committed to tackling anti-social behaviour throughout the district, and to achieve this it is so important that we are made aware of residents' concerns via the correct channels. 

"I would like to thank all of those who have worked on this case, as well as everyone who provided evidence and to the Parish Council and residents of Crowland for their continued support."

Anybody who wishes to report instances of anti-social behaviour can contact the Council's community safety team on 01775 761161 or report the incident on our website at