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Abandoned vehicles

If you need to report a vehicle you suspect as being abandoned, please gather as much of the following information as possible:

  • location of vehicle (as much detail as possible)
  • make and model of vehicle
  • colour of vehicle
  • vehicle registration number
  • how long it's been there
  • the vehicle owners details, if known.

You can report an abandoned vehicle online (opens new window) or contact Customer Services.

Once a vehicle is reported, we'll visit it as soon as possible. Each vehicle is assessed individually. If the owner and/or the registered keeper of a vehicle is identified, then the vehicle has not been abandoned. 

If a notice has been attached to your vehicle you must:

  • contact us immediately on 01775 761161 and state that you wish to claim the vehicle
  • arrange a date and time to claim the vehicle with us, to provide your proof of ownership of the vehicle.