Land Charges

Local Land Charges are responsible for the maintenance of the Land Charges Register, which holds information that is relevant to land and property. The Land Charges service is also responsible for answering local search requests.

Local search requests reveal the information within the Land Charges Register when your solicitor applies for a local search.  The information revealed in a local search will range from planning application history to any legal or financial charges that are recorded against a property or piece of land.

Ordinarily a solicitor acting on behalf of a home buyer will apply for a local search and interpret the results of the local search so that the buyer is aware of anything they need to know before they commit to the purchase.  However, if you require more information about the local search process please call us or email us at

The fees for an Official Local Search are as follows:

Please note that as of 1st January 2017 VAT is applicable to the Con29 Parts of a local search:

LLC1:        £22 - No VAT

Con29R:    £111.60 Inc VAT

Con29O - Questions 4 to 21:                       £12 per question Inc VAT

Con29O - Question 22 (commons land):    £18 Inv VAT

Additional Parcel of land:                             £12.80


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