Committees and Decisions

Decisions of the Council can be made through meetings of the full Council itself, the Cabinet, Committees, individually by Cabinet Members, or at Officer level. The Overview and Scrutiny Panels (Performance Monitoring Panel and Policy Development Panel) challenge and scrutinise decisions.

Details of the Membership of Committees, Panels and Meetings.
Details of future scheduled meetings.
Details of the Committees and Panels that your Councillors serve on, and the dates, agendas, minutes and reports of the meetings held for them.
Details of decisions made by Councillors and Officers.
Details of Key and Exempt Decisions being made by the Council.
Details of Outside Bodies represented by Councillors.
Overview and Scrutiny in local government is an essential part of the Councillors role as a representative of the people. It is about councillors making a difference by holding the cabinet to account; looking in depth at how services are provided and at reviewing and developing policies.
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