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Sheltered housing services

Housing officers visit our sheltered community centres every week to carry out a meet and greet session. We can discuss and advise on tenancy related matters and will signpost you to services that can support you in maintaining your tenancy. You are welcome to attend any session - you do not have to attend the one nearest to your home. With the support of our contractors, we carry out annual home and estate inspections. We also encourage tenants to hold communal activities.

We will need to record some information about you so we can provide you with an efficient and high quality service. We will complete an initial details form which includes name, address and contact details, details of emergency contacts, doctor, medical conditions and support services. This ensures we have an up to date record of your needs in case of an emergency. We will only share information about you with your consent to doctors, hospital staff and Adult Services. In extreme instances our staff will share personal information with a third party, for example if a tenant is at risk of self-harm, abuse or exploitation. We will only disclose this information if we have your written consent.

The facilities team is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the buildings and communal areas within your estate scheme. They will ensure that health and safety issues are reported immediately and that repairs are carried out efficiently. The service includes:

  • health and safety inspections of the communal areas
  • monitoring of the grounds maintenance
  • monitoring of scheme cleanliness
  • reporting of necessary communal repairs.

Sheltered housing rent and charges

If you live in sheltered accommodation, you may need to pay an extra fee in addition to your rent, which are detailed below:

  • Sheltered housing charge - covers the costs of providing the intensive housing management service delivered by the housing officers. This includes your meet and greet sessions, completion and updating of your information plan, estate inspections and home visits.
  • Community alarm charge - covers the cost of the maintenance of the emergency alarm system. Please report any faults with your equipment to Lincolnshire Housing Partnership, by activating your emergency alarm system.


Further information on service charges and what they involve can be found  here (Word doc) [32KB] (opens new window)