Do I need Planning Permission?

Home improvement projects

If you are proposing to undertake a home improvement project, we encourage you to explore the guidance available on the Planning Portal to ascertain whether planning permission is required. There are a number of minor changes you can make to your home without needing to apply for planning permission. These are called your 'Permitted Development Rights'.

The Planning Portal contains information on common projects as well as an Interactive House which is a visual tool. Some common projects:

Single Storey Extensions and Conservatories

Two Storey Extensions

Loft Conversions

Outbuildings (including garages, sheds and other ancillary garden buildings)


Fences, gates and garden walls

Satellite dishes 

If you are still unsure, please complete our Icon for pdf Householder Enquiry Form [218.79KB] and send to for a written response or you can speak to our Planning Duty Officer


Restrictions that may affect your property

Not all properties have the benefit of Permitted Development Rights. Some properties including flats, properties within Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings or those with Article 4 Directions may have had their Permitted Development Rights removed. 

You should check whether any of these apply to your property before applying for planning permission. 


Other Development

You will generally need planning permission to construct a new building (e.g. a new dwelling), make significant alterations to a building or change the use of a building or land. However, there are Permitted Development Rights that allow certain changes of use without having to make a planning application. The Planning Portal has a useful guide on this.

The Planning Portal also has information about warehouses and industrial buildings and displaying advertisements and signage.

If you are unsure whether planning permission is required for your project, please complete our Icon for pdf Planning Advice Enquiry Form [105.41KB] and send to