Pre-Application Advice

Benefits of using our pre-application advice service:

  • we can explain how planning policies and other requirements affect your proposals
  • we can give you an informal view on the likelihood of you gaining planning permission
  • we can provide advice on what information you will need to submit for a valid planning application
  • you can save time, costs and frustration by identifying opportunities for improvement at an early stage and avoid unacceptable proposals
  • we can identify at an early stage in the development process the need for specialist input (e.g. listed buildings, trees, noise, highways advice, flood risk).

Pre-application advice service

If you know that you need planning permission for your proposed development, you can submit the details to us before making a formal application. By getting pre-application advice, you'll be able to find out whether the principles of your proposal are acceptable, in planning terms, before making a formal application.

Requests for pre-application advice should be made by completing our Icon for pdf Planning Advice enquiry form [105.41KB] and emailing it to You can also send it to us by post or by bringing a paper copy to reception:

  • South Holland District Council
    Council Offices
    Priory Road
    PE11 2XE 

If you would like advice on whether works to a residential property require planning permission, please complete a Icon for pdf Householder enquiry form [218.79KB] and return it to us by email or post, as noted above.

After submitting a planning or householder advice request, you will receive a written response by email or post.

    Please note that we can only give advice on specific proposals submitted to us. We cannot offer suggestions on what kinds of development are acceptable in a particular area. If you are looking for this sort of advice, we recommend you consult a professional planning agent. Our Planning Officers will help you as much as they can. However, the advice that you will be given is informal and made without prejudice to the final decision of the Council on your planning application.