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Summer Fun 2024

Welcome to the Summer Fun Digital Brochure 2024, packed full of fun activities for all ages across South Holland.

The events and activities are listed in date order so it is easy for you to plan your activities throughout the holidays. You can also use the 'Activities' and 'Weeks' filters to find events of interest to you.

Why not select the events you're interested in and print off your 'Selection' to stick on the fridge when you're done!

We hope you have a fun packed Summer! Here are some top tips to stay safe during the holidays:

  • Synchronise watches - Don't forget to let your parent or carer know where you'll be and what time you'll be back.
  • Swim safety - Enjoy the water either at home in the paddling pool or at your local swimming pool. Don't risk your life swimming in rivers, lakes or reservoirs.
  • Hot weather - When outdoors dress for the weather, wear plenty of sun cream and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. 
  • Be wise - Going inside abandoned properties and buildings can be dangerous and is against the law which means you could get arrested. Stay in areas that are safe and always let your parent or carer know where you are.
  • Respect others and the environment around you. Clear up your rubbish by placing in a bin or taking home with you and be aware of others who also wish to enjoy the local parks this summer.