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Garden Waste Scheme


Renew your garden waste subscription or join our Register of Interest

Please Note:- You can only renew your subscription within 5 weeks of the expiry date.

Check your collection days

View Garden Waste collection dates scheduled for 2022/23:

 If you need either of these calendars in an alternative format, please get in touch with us.

    Garden waste subscription costs

    The Garden Waste Scheme will cost £52 for 24 collections throughout the year. Collections are fortnightly, with the exception of the Christmas period. There is a £16 charge to cover delivery, repairs and loan of the bin, newsletters and further offers.

    Wheeled bins or paper sacks will be delivered within 10 working days of a successful application.

    Please don't:

    • dump waste in a dyke, field or on the roadside (This is fly-tipping which an enforceable offence).
    • present garden waste for collection in domestic black sacks, as they will not be collected
    • have a bonfire that has a detrimental impact on the environment. Please see our bonfire advice.

    The types of materials that are accepted as garden waste are:

    • general garden waste
    • grass cuttings
    • tree and shrub cuttings
    • small branches - up to 2 inches (50mm) in diameter
    • shrubs
    • leaves
    • flowers
    • weeds
    • prunings
    • roots
    • hedge trimmings.

    No other materials will be accepted. If the wrong materials are put out for collection, the container will have a sticker placed on it, asking you to remove the unacceptable items. The container will then be emptied on the next scheduled collection day.