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Gambling Act fees

The licensing fees for gambling related activities are detailed in the following tables and are effective from 1 April 2017.

Please be advised for any applications completed paying by cheque is discouraged as this will delay the process.

DescriptionCost 2013-2014Additional Information
Gambling Act 2005New GrantAnnual fee
Family Entertainment Centre Gaming Machine Permit - New Application or Renewal£300not applicable
Change of Name on Permit£25not applicable
Small Society Lottery Registration£40£20
Club Gaming Machine Permit/Club Gaming Machine Permit
New Grant£200£50
New Grant with Club Premises Certificate£100£50
Renewal with Club Premises Certificate£100£50
Variation£100not applicable
Copy of Permit£15not applicable
Existing Operator£100£50
Alcohol Licensed Premises Notification (2 machines or less)£50not applicable
Alcohol Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit (more than 2 machines)
Existing S34 Permit Holder£100£50
New Grant £150£50
Variation £25£50
Transfer£25not applicable
Change of name of permit£15not applicable
Prize Gaming Permit - New Application or Renewal£300not applicable
Change of name on Permit£25not applicable


  New GrantAnnual FeeVary LicenceTransfer a LicenceReinstatement of LicenceProvisional Statement
Type of Licence       
Regional Casino Premises Licence £13,500£13,500£6,750£5,850£5,850£13,500
Large Casino Premises Licence £9,000£9,000£4,500£1,935£1,935£9,000
Small Casino Premises Licence £7,200£4,500£3,500£1,620£1,620£7,200
Bingo Premises Licence £3,150£900£1,575£1,080£1,080£3,150
Adult Gaming Centre Premises £1,800£900£900£1,080£1,080£1,800
Betting Premises (track) Licence £2,250£900£1,125£855£855£2,250
Family Entertainment Centre Premises Licence £1,800£675£900£855£855£1,800
Betting Premises (other) Licence £2,700£540£1,350£1,080£1,080£2,700
Change of circumstances£45      
Copy Licence£15